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Hello Co-op Members and Friends.

Mike Scannell and Joan Harris, the farmers at Harrier Fields Farm on Route 21 in East Schodack, have supplied us with grass-fed Devon beef since day one of the Co-op.
Their farm, at the very northern border of Columbia County, is a showcase for rotational grazing, and they are known internationally as breeders of Red Devons, a heritage breed of cattle. The fertility of their fields is phenomenal.

Last Tuesday, July 27, Mike and Joan suffered a tragic fire on their farm in which three beautiful 19th century barns burned to the ground, due to spontaneous combustion of stored hay.
Two of their draft horses were killed in the blaze, and they also lost a tractor and their haying equipment, as well as many pieces of horse-drawn equipment gathered by Mike over many years.
At a time like this, it is a blessing to have a community around you, and the outpouring of love and support for Mike and Joan is sustaining them.
While they could never rebuild what they had, a farmer needs a barn. They are thinking of a small Amish-designed barn, but their insurance coverage was meager.
Here's where the extended community of our Co-op can really lend a hand in supporting local agriculture, and the work of these two dedicated farmers.

Please visit the following website, begun last week by a friend of Harrier Fields, or talk to us at the Co-op, or inquire at the Kinderhook Bank, to see how you can help.
Thank you.


The Chatham Real Food Market Co-op is a community-owned outlet for the products of our local farms and kitchens.
The Co-op provides education about Columbia County agriculture, and promotes a more localized food system.
Our objective is to strengthen our rural community, develop our food security, and help build a healthy local economy in our county. The initiation of the Real Food Co-op was a project of Community Agriculture of Columbia County, an educational non-profit organization dedicated to relocalizing our food system.

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